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The last program you’ll ever need to create the business and life you desire!


Apply now and get your free Alignment Session and have absolute clarity on how to design the business and life you keep dreaming about.


What I’m about to tell you will change your life forever.

It’s something that the gurus in the personal development world aren't telling you.

It’s not because they don’t care; they just don’t know.

The Realign Process will make this the last program you'll ever need to create the life you've been dreaming of!


 You’ve been trying to create success, more wealth, better health, and great relationships for a while and you still don’t have it...

  • You're frustrated that you're not trusting yourself more when it comes to your decisions
  • You feel like the one thing stopping you from achieving your goals is belief in yourself that you can do it
  • You frequently question, second guess, and doubt yourself
  • You're worried about what other people think and it’s stopping you from taking action
  • You love the idea of the law of attraction and you wish you could figure out how to make it work for you 
  • You keep doing all the "right" things, the things the gurus tell you, but you never seem to get ahead

Other people are succeeding and you keep trying to figure out why it’s working for them and not you.

Personal development gurus will tell you that what you need to do is change your beliefs, heal your past, and understand WHY you aren't getting what you want in life.

I get you. I've been there, too.

I heard all the gurus say "you just have to believe in yourself, you have to set bigger goals, you have to want it more".

Which always left me feeling less than, full of doubt about myself, and thinking something was wrong with me that I couldn't make my goals happen.

What I discovered is that there wasn’t anything wrong with me.

I wasn’t perfect, I didn't have to understand WHY I wasn't where I wanted to be, I didn't have to change me because there wasn't anything wrong with me.

Here’s the thing...

There’s nothing wrong with me.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

Your success is about changing your focus, not about changing you!


Hi, I'm Kristine and I've been an entrepreneur my whole life. Before The Alignment Tribe, I owned a juice bar, a Pilates studio, an online health and wellness business. I had some success with each... but that success wasn’t nearly what I wanted and it always felt like an uphill climb.

My success came with lots of tears, self doubt, long hours, and exhaustion. Maybe you can relate.

I thought success meant working long hours and understanding every reason WHY I wasn't successful yet. I thought I had to figure out all my limiting beliefs, heal my past, and figure out the "right" way to be successful.

Then one day, listening to something on YouTube, I heard this guy say "your success or failure isn't personal, it's structural".

I wasn't entirely sure what that meant, but hearing that nothing was wrong with me, that my success wasn't about me personally, was so comforting.


I dove in. I studied everything I could about this new way of looking at things, I adapted what I learned, applied it to my life, and created The Realign Process.

Within a few months, I created more income than I had the previous year... and I was LOVING what I was creating!

I enjoyed my work more, i built a team, I had my first 5-figure launch, and I saw what was possible,

I stopped wasting my time figuring out what was wrong with me.

I became more decisive, happier, and more confident.

And now I want to share this with YOU!

You won't experience this anywhere else. Align + Design Your Life and The Realign Process are the most powerful personal transformation tools out there.

I'm here to tell you, even if you'd tried everything else, this is the last program you'll ever need to create the life and business you want.


Your challenges, struggles, and lack of success are not about you.

They are about your underlying structures.

-->>That's what needs to change.<<--

The underlying invisible structures made up of beliefs, ideas, past events, emotions are what's stopping you from truly going for what you want.

The gurus will tell you that you have to spend all your time understanding and figuring out all those beliefs, ideas, past events, and emotions so you can move forward.

But what ACTUALLY happens is that you get stuck in the past, focused on what you don't want, which doesn't serve you.

You can't create the future you want and enjoy the present when you're focused on fixing the past. 

Changing your focus is easier than you think (and way easier than trying to go back to your past and fix all the things you think went wrong).

Change the focus and you can change the structures to create the health, weath, and relationships you want easily and effortlessly!


Let me say it so you really hear it...

There’s nothing wrong with you!

Once you change the underlying structure, then creating the business, wealth, health, and relationships you desire becomes easy!

⭐️ Your focus changes from fixing problems to creating solutions.

⭐️ You create a mindset that navigates you through any situation so you can always grow.

⭐️ You feel excited about your future, confidently knowing you can handle any challenge - in work and in life. 

⭐️ You see more opportunities to attract an create more abundance

⭐️ You’re valuing yourself and your intuition.

⭐️ You're communicating better and experiencing more ease in relationships.

⭐️ You’re confidently taking action and enjoying the process of creating.


What would your life be like if you could easily stay focused on creating what you want? 

✨ How would it feel to wake up every day excited for your life and your work?

✨ What's possible for you when you release the old idea that you have to believe in yourself to create success? 

✨ What kind of business, money, lifestyle, relationships, and health would you have if your beliefs lined up with your desires?

✨ What would it be like to see your future clearly and know that it’s here for you?

✨ How great would it be to feel confident that you can take the right action to make anything happen?

✨ What would life be like if you innately believed in yourself, flaws and all, and that you were meant to manifest the dreams and goals you have?

What if you believed that anything was possible for you; that whatever you can dream, you can achieve?

If you're ready to step into your most powerful self, attract more abundance, & truly thrive, then Align + Design Your Life is for you! 

Align + Design Your Life guides you to step into your most powerful self, attract what you want, and create a life you love.

Align + Design Your Life is a 4 month fully supported program with a 6 week fast-track course to get you results quickly, while supporting you long term.

Transformational mindset course that will easily help you gain clarity, confidence and everything you need to become the powerful creator of you life.

Weekly live The Realign Process sessions to set your outcomes and release all resistance to achieving them.

Weekly live collaborative coaching to support you in creating a life you love.

Membership in the Align + Design Your Life community.

Lifetime access to the course trainings, mediations, and Realign Process replays.


I've created The Realign Process, a simple 5 step process, to help you reach your success faster and easier than ever!

When students of Align + Design Your Life start using The Realign Process, their lives transform...

🌟  Immediately, know that your goals are attainable. Feel inspired, creative and begin taking action that feels easy, effortless, and fun!

🌟  Start enjoying the journey of creating and manifesting your business or career, your health, and more abundance!

🌟  Stop efforting and trying to fix the past and start focusing on creating your future while enjoying the present moment.

🌟  Realign your thoughts, feelings, and actions to support what you are creating 

🌟  Trust in yourself, build confidence, and take aligned action feeling creative, inspired, and in flow.

🌟  Become the powerful creator of your life and watch your business flourish!

🌟  Understand how the law of attraction actually works with your mind so you can manifest more money, clients, better health, relationships - whatever you want! 


I don’t say all of this to impress you, but to impress upon you what’s possible for you!

I wish I would’ve known this sooner. It would’ve saved me years of struggle, lots of tissues, and lots of money.

I truly believe this is the last program you’ll ever need to manifest the business, money, success, health, love, and relationships you desire.

Align + Design Your Life is the best program for creating a thriving life!

1. Expand Your Thinking with The Realign Process

☀️  Discover how your mind works and step into your most powerful self by releasing the self-limiting belief structures that have held you back in the past. And you’ll be able to release internal obstacles for a lifetime.

2. Align With Your Most Powerful Self

☀️  Become a deliberate creator of your life, activate the law of attraction to work for you, so your success comes more easily and effortlessly

3. Design a Life You Love

☀️  Do less and be more productive by focusing on what’s important and staying in alignment with yourself and your vision so you can love your life right now while creating the future you want.


Why work with me?

I’m a transformational mindset expert and master success coach, who is Board Certified as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Reiki, and Superconscious Healer.

Honestly, what matters most is that I've created a process that actually works and it's not something you'll find anywhere else. 

As the owner of a successful online health and wellness business with $500,000 in annual sales, I’ve led a team of independent entrepreneurs and have been coaching since 2013. And there's nothing I love more than seeing the students of Align + Design Your Life happy and successful! 

I’m the founder and CEO of The Alignment Tribe.

Host of The Alignment Tribe Podcast
Certified Master Success Coach
Certified Master NLP Practitioner/Mindset Expert
Certified Master Hypnotherapist
Reiki Level One Practitioner
Superconscious Healer


If you're frustrated by your lack of success, it's not your fault...

✨  You’ve been operating from a belief structure that wasn’t working for you. 

✨  You can create confidence so the opinions of others no longer stop you from taking action

✨  You’ve never learned how to truly focus on what you wanted to achieve in life. 

✨  You've just gotten stuck in old patterns that had you questioning and doubting yourself.

For you to get to the next level, you need support, accountability, and direction so you can change your underlying belief structure and create the success you’ve been wanting in every area of life.


Welcome to Align + Design Your Life!

Tap Into the Power of Your Mind

Part One - Tap Into the Power of Your Mind

💫  Discover how your subconscious mind works so you can easily create the life, money, clients, and business you want. 

💫  Understand why you are where you are and the simple, yet profound, mindset shifts that will make creating the business you want easier than it’s ever been.

Part Two - Choose Your New Reality and Identity

💫  Create clarity. Confidently choose who you’re being and what you believe while creating new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting that move you towards your desired outcomes effortlessly.

💫  Become the woman who clearly and confidently knows what she wants and is in control of her outcomes and creating what she wants

Part Three - The Realign Process

💫  Step into your most powerful self by releasing the limiting belief structures and emotions that have held you back, creating true freedom.

💫  Create new beliefs and structures that allow you to easily move towards your desired outcomes. Experience inside out empowerment that lasts. 

Manifest Your Most Abundant Life

Part Four - Manifesting the Life You Want

💫  Become the deliberate creator of your life and activate the law of attraction to work for you, so your success comes more easily and effortlessly.

💫  More easily attract the life, money, health, relationships, clients, business… anything you want through understanding the law of attraction and what you can do to activate it

Part Five - Mastering Your Money Mindset

💫  See money differently than you ever have before, and change your relationship with money so you enjoy it, feel good about it, and attract more of it... no matter what level you're at

💫  Release all the stress around money. Learn about old money stories and how to let them go so you can change your relationship with money forever

Part Six - Aligning Your Day and Your Life

💫  Begin your day in alignment with your higher self, your outcomes, and your daily habits so you can easily envision and create the life, business, career, health, relationships, and success you want.

💫  Have more ease and flow in your day and learn how to establish the right boundaries so you get more done with less effort.

The FAQs

Align + Design Your Life is a fully supported 4 month program. You'll see and feel MASSIVE shifts in your mindset IMMEDIATELY as you realign your beliefs and start taking action. 

You also receive 4 months of ongoing support through weekly live Collaborative Coaching sessions and weekly live The Realign Process sessions.

The six part course materials will take about 2 hours per week.

The weekly Collaborative Coaching calls are one hour and the powerful Realign Process sessions are one hour.

You can attend collaborative coaching and Realign sessions live or watch the replays.

You will have 4 months of live Collaborative Coaching calls and The Realign Process sessions.

You also have lifetime access to the course training videos, worksheets, meditations, additional uploads, and replays of The Realign Process sessions.

Align + Design Your Life Bonuses!

Accomplishing More While Doing Less

💫  Do less and be more productive by focusing on what’s important and creating boundaries with your time so you can love your work and your non-work time.

💫  Feel in control of your time, moving big projects forward more easily, makes creating and holding boundaries easier. Feel more present in your life.

Stepping Into Leadership to Grow Your Business

💫  Become a leader of influence who’s the visionary of her business, attracting a great team and amazing clients.

💫  Watch as your business grows faster, with less hard work from you. You get to enjoy more time in the creative process and working with your ideal clients.


What The Students of Align + Design Are Saying...

"I'm kind of blown away. I'm so excited about my life going forward. It was incredibly helpful for me." - Tiffany

"Kristine made sure I was able to break through my limiting beliefs and she gave me the competence I need to conquer the things I have to conquer in life." - Erica

"This is already profoundly beautiful and this is just the beginning!" - Linda

Thank you, friend, for reading all the way through!
You are amazing and I can’t wait to see you inside Align + Design Your Life!
All my best,


P.S. If you read this far, then that means something resonated, some part of you is ready for more and you know you can have it… with the right guidance.

There’s nothing wrong with you! You just need a structure that supports you and your dreams.

Think of it like this... You see a house in the distance that you want to get to.

You start walking down a long dirt path. The path is full of rocks and boulders, it’s uphill most of the way. You’re making progress towards the house but the path keeps winding and you get off track.

The house is hard to see sometimes, in fact you sometimes wonder if it’s actually there because you haven’t seen it in a while.

The rocks and boulders are hard to move, you keep efforting, sweating, working hard because you just want to get to that house.

You start wondering what’s wrong with you. Why can't you walk faster, move those rocks more easily.

You start blaming yourself for the path you’re on.

What if you just change the path?

Imagine the path is more like a sidewalk, smooth and easy to walk along. Maybe there's even flowers lining the slides and you enjoy each step as you walk towards the house. You see it clearly in the distance and it keeps getting closer.

Every once and awhile a stray rock or even a boulder rolls across the path and you easily move them aside. Your path stays clear, you enjoy the journey and before you know it… you’ve arrived.

Along both of these paths, you were the same - well, one of you was probably covered in dirt and sweat while the other was literally smelling the roses!

You were the same, it was the path that was different.

With The Realign Process, you'll be creating new paths that lead you to your desired goals easily! 

You are enough. You have what it takes.

It’s time to align your path and manifest the life and business you’ve been dreaming of.

Let's do this together! xoxo Kristine


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